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Christmas Cake
Add fruits for Kids and Nannies/foster  family
CNY Care Package
Warn Package for girls  (Age3+)
Forever Family Celebration Care Package 1
Christmas school supply set
Christmas Sweater
Christmas Dress
Package Forwarding
Oolong Tea  for the foster family/nannies
Collage Family Pillow
New Year Warm Jacket
Han Fu 1
Grade A deep Green Jade Dragon for the directors /nannies /foster families 18k Gold with Tahiti Black pearl +Akoya pearl earring
Chinese Gong Fu Store
Name painting
Pi Xiu chop

Reasons to shop with us!

First, let me take a moment to thank you for considering our company to help you in selecting the perfect care package for your child and their care givers or orphanages. It is a great honor to be a part of your adoption journey.

Denise has been through this journey 4 times herself and understands just how emotional and heartfelt every detail along the way can be. Ann Has helped 1,000s of families and the pure joy she gets out of each experience always amazes us both. This is not just a business with us but also a true testament to the red thread that binds us all in life. We feel as if we are a part of every family we have met and helped along the way.

Our company has had a working relationship with more than 450 orphanages over past 12 years and we have maintained our relationship with these orphanages having current addresses and phone numbers for them. In doing so we know which orphanages are happy to share updates (pictures & child information), which orphanages will be willing to take cake's or gifts for their children, which orphanages are not!

Ann purchases only authentic Kodak or Fuji cameras (which take much better photos than an expired or knock off camera). All the clothing and gifts for your packages are of very nice quality. We make extreme efforts to keep our costs down and our quality high and to pass along these savings to you.

The children have always been our first concern and during the winter storm 2 yrs ago we helped in providing many blankets to orphanages without power. When there was a formula recall, we helped in providing formula. It has always been our goal to meet the needs of children and families. We are currently in the process of creating heritage tours for all the beautiful children and families we have helped in the past as well as some research projects for specific orphanages.

Ann makes every effort to return email contact to our customers with in 48 hrs and gets all packages out as quickly as possible, as we understand your excitement and emotional investment in your child health, happiness and is some cases safety.

As an added bonus, Ann does a fallow up call to the orphanages to be sure your packages are delivered promptly.

"There is an invisible red thread that binds us all, it may bend and tangle but will never break". This is how Ann and I know we are family and bound to all the many families/friends we have encountered along there adoption journey each step has be an amazing blessing.

We would love to hear feed back on your experience with us.

Email me (Ann) at: redthreadchina@ yahoo.com

Email Ann at redthreadchina@yahoo.com with any question you might have !