Letter to CCCWA/Orphanage for Document Retrieval

Letter to CCCWA/Orphanage for Document Retrieval
Item# Letter-package2-CCCWA
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Product Description

This package includes:

1.Chinese translation of a letter less than 400 words.

2.SASE - for the recipient to send a reply to you. Including a SASE will greatly enhance your chances of receiving a reply. We use envelopes and postage specified by the Chinese Post Office for international mailing.

3.Photos - you may include 5 photos with the letter.

4.We send everything inside China. We use Chinese Super Express Mail. Delivery is 2 to 4 days after we send the package.

5.We verify arrival of the letter, via Chinese Post office, or by calling the recipient.

6.We notify you via email when the letter package is delivered.

7.Please email me your child name in Chinese ,DOB,Adoption Date,orphanage name ,province ,a letter ,up to 5 pictures and your home address for the Self Stamped Envelope!

Email Ann at redthreadchina@yahoo.com with any question you might have !