Eight-treasures tea

Eight-treasures  tea
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Eight-treasures tea includes chrysanthemum ,Rocksugar,jujube(red date),longan ,green tea,chrysanthemum ,gochi berries ,raisin,tremella

N.W.10 bags/package

Eight-treasures chrysanthemum tea is very good for people`s health,especialy for ladies ,both jujube (red date ) and gochi berries enrich the blood......


1.Open a tea bag and put all ingredients into a cup.

2.the amount of rock sugar can be adjusted based on personal preference .

3.Pour boiling water to the cup.

4.Let it steep for a few minutes before serving .

5.After brewing ,longans ,jujubes are adible .

Eight-treasures chrysanthemum tea will be always good for the foster family ,nannies ,ect.

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